Grapefest 2023

Grapefest a Texas wine experience. Located in downtown Grapevine, this festival is a personal favorite. Food trucks and booths line the streets with historical buildings as the backdrop. Shops, wineries, and restaurants scattered throughout give festivalgoers plenty to do. Guests can watch a glass-blowing exhibit near the railroad tracks or visit the blacksmith’s shop to

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Cedar Ridge Preserve has nine miles of hiking trails on six hundred acres of rolling hills. The trails are beautiful and well-marked, so you never have to worry about getting lost. There are several routes to choose from and benches lining the paths throughout the preserve. Most importantly, there’s a restroom and water fountains near

Dallas Aquarium

The Dallas Aquarium, small but multilevel, is packed with a variety of exhibits, from vibrant coral reef fish to desert reptiles. There are three restaurants inside, ranging from snacks to formal dining. It’s a good break from the summer heat, but I recommend wearing comfortable shoes as it takes a while for the lines. You’ll

Kayaking on the Lake

Saturday started early with a big breakfast and some much-needed coffee. Now ready to take on the day, we headed out and happened to see a farmer’s market. Taking a detour, we strolled around the square, checking out the booths and listening to live music. Afterward, we started towards the lake and checked in for

Yara’s First Hiking Trail

We headed to the park with a forecast of cool weather and a slight chance of rain. In typical Texas form, it was sunny and eighty-five degrees once we arrived. The dogs were undeterred, so we started down the trail exploring the area. Atticus was weaving around, trying to see everything, while Yara led the