Atticus Goes to North Carolina

This Thanksgiving, we hit the road leaving behind the palm trees for cooler weather and fall colors. The drive was smooth, with clear skies. We stopped off at Buc-ee’s for fuel and a quick snack. Atticus discovered his new love of sliced pork, and we were off again. Our first night in North Carolina was

Summer Recap 2022

This summer has been full of surprises: some good, some more in the epic, memorable column. On the good side, we finally left apartment living and moved into a house. The quiet and extra space has been worth all the trouble of a short-notice move. Atticus, who is now over fifty pounds and growing especially

Possessed Laptop

Since we’re coming up on Halloween, I thought I would share the story of my possessed laptop for a little comedy relief before all the major holiday craziness begins.I was surprised with a brand-new laptop—the best possible gift for an author. In preparing my old laptop for recycling, I started the factory reset and left

The Wine Room

Another must-see on the tourist bucket list, The Wine Room, is one of my favorites. Stocked floor to ceiling with numerous bottles of wine, The Wine Room provides endless choices. Along with wine tastings, they also have an array of charcuterie boards and other recommended foods to pair with your samples. The atmosphere is fun

The Garlic

We spent the end of a much-needed weekend vacation at the beach relaxing. The water was rough but beautiful to watch as the high tide rolled in. It didn’t take me long to feel like a baked potato chip in the sun, so after a brief swim, we packed up and left. Our final stop