Yara’s First Hiking Trail

We headed to the park with a forecast of cool weather and a slight chance of rain. In typical Texas form, it was sunny and eighty-five degrees once we arrived. The dogs were undeterred, so we started down the trail exploring the area. Atticus was weaving around, trying to see everything, while Yara led the

Medieval Times

How does one spend the day when the weather is feeling temperamental? By stepping back in time to watch jousting matches! Approaching the castle gates, you are met with towering stone walls marked with colorful flags and a large moat filled with bright orange fish. Walking inside, patrons are divided into lines for check-in and

Snow Day 2023

Snow Day or snow week was memorable. Atticus discovered the joy of rolling in the mud while it was raining and 29 degrees outside. It was perfect weather for a husky. I, on the other hand, was not enjoying it as much when the power went out. Thankfully there was a camping stove handy to

Mount Dora

A little town with big heart. This tucked-away little gem has become a new favorite of mine. The streets are lined with eclectic shops and tasty restaurants. It feels as though you’ve gone back in time, walking down the sidewalk and waving at a passing cyclist. The weather was perfect, making for a great day