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Grapefest 2023

Grapefest a Texas wine experience. Located in downtown Grapevine, this festival is a personal favorite. Food trucks and booths line the streets with historical buildings as the backdrop. Shops, wineries, and restaurants scattered throughout give festivalgoers plenty to do. Guests can watch a glass-blowing exhibit near the railroad tracks or visit the blacksmith’s shop to

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Cedar Ridge Preserve has nine miles of hiking trails on six hundred acres of rolling hills. The trails are beautiful and well-marked, so you never have to worry about getting lost. There are several routes to choose from and benches lining the paths throughout the preserve. Most importantly, there’s a restroom and water fountains near

Law of Attraction Planner Review

Be the energy you want to attract—a simple statement and a way of living. This law of attraction planner is by far the best thing I could have gotten myself. The first several pages are for reflection and detailed goal setting. I tend to have many ideas randomly throughout the day, and the structured approach