Sixty Vines

Sixty Vines is a beautiful restaurant with New American cuisine and a wide variety of wines. The space is open and modern perfect for parties or just two friends meeting at the bar for a glass of wine. They also offer options from the local coffee shop and kombucha. I had a great time catching up with friends and making […]

The Wine Room

Another must-see on the tourist bucket list, The Wine Room, is one of my favorites. Stocked floor to ceiling with numerous bottles of wine, The Wine Room provides endless choices. Along with wine tastings, they also have an array of charcuterie boards and other recommended foods to pair with your samples. The atmosphere is fun and social, with intimate seating […]

Atticus Goes to Texas

Vacation started early with a 4 am alarm and a scramble to reach the airport. With a rushed goodbye, I reluctantly walked inside. My pre-coffee brain was slow through check-in, but I soon found my boarding area and waited for my flight. Quickly afterward, we boarded, and I took a window seat. The crew went through preflight checks, and we […]