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Double Dog Leash Review

It all started with a furry husky puppy named Atticus. He grew fast and loves going on hiking trips, but something was missing. A year later, I happened upon a photo of an adorable blue-eyed Australian shepherd up for adoption. Bringing her home, I quickly discovered walking two dogs was akin to a CrossFit workout.


LA Burger is a quirky little restaurant with big flavor. With everything from burgers to rice bowls and salads, carnivores and vegetarians alike will enjoy this venue. I went with a bunless bonsai burger and was very impressed. The atmosphere is casual, with outdoor seating and arcade games in the front. Drinks are also available,

Yara’s First Hiking Trail

We headed to the park with a forecast of cool weather and a slight chance of rain. In typical Texas form, it was sunny and eighty-five degrees once we arrived. The dogs were undeterred, so we started down the trail exploring the area. Atticus was weaving around, trying to see everything, while Yara led the

Medieval Times

How does one spend the day when the weather is feeling temperamental? By stepping back in time to watch jousting matches! Approaching the castle gates, you are met with towering stone walls marked with colorful flags and a large moat filled with bright orange fish. Walking inside, patrons are divided into lines for check-in and