Medieval Times

How does one spend the day when the weather is feeling temperamental? By stepping back in time to watch jousting matches!

Approaching the castle gates, you are met with towering stone walls marked with colorful flags and a large moat filled with bright orange fish. Walking inside, patrons are divided into lines for check-in and then shuffled off for group photos with their assigned kingdom. Next, you are guided into the main hall with horses stabled to the left, a bar on either side and booths with various swords and shields for purchase. Walking further inside, you are met with the official falconer chatting with the crowd and, of course, the queen herself. There is plenty to see and do while you wait for the arena to be prepared.

Once the doors open, patrons are filed in by kingdom and seated. Drinks are served as you are introduced to the knight representing your kingdom. The multi-course silverware-free dinner is served as the games begin. Starting with tomato soup and bread for the appetizer or hummus and veggies for the gluten-free. After that, chicken, potatoes, and corn on the cob are handed out. Lastly, the house dessert or Italian ice is for those who avoid wheat flour. The kitchen quickly accommodates any food modifications, making it accessible to even the pickiest eater.

Accompanied by dozens of flags waving, it is a lively show of beautiful horses, falconry, and swordsmanship. Pewter beer mugs are pounded on the tables as the crowd cheers on their knight and boo the competitors. I highly recommend this dinner show to families and couples looking for a fun night out.

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