Christmas in Texas

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. I was fortunate to spend it with many of my friends and family. The holidays have always felt like a rollercoaster ride. You get swept up in all the chaos of trying to get everything ready, and sometimes, I’m not gonna lie, just taking a vacation and calling it a day sounds pretty […]

Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. All the plump turkeys were dreading this Thanksgiving year, myself the worst. I was the biggest turkey on the farm! I had a plan to survive the holiday. I was going to become a guinea! Yes, it would be tough lowering myself to that level, but in desperate times we turkeys take desperate measures!First, I […]

Pottery Class

I had a blast learning about pottery with Kate. There’s just something wonderful about sculping clay after a long day at work. After learning how to use the wheel, and various tools, I tied on my apron. Sitting down with my ball of clay, I carefully put it in the middle circle of the wheel. Starting at a slow speed, […]

Date night at the Riverwalk

Wanting a change of scenery, we headed to the Riverwalk for an evening stroll. The cool breeze made the palm tree leaves sway above us as the sun set in the distance. Seeing a crowd down the street, we walked over to find a festival with many local vendors lining the sidewalks. Spotting a Greek restaurant, we wove our way […]