Sunday Brunch at Briarpatch

Winter Park is a must-see historic town with lots to offer. Restaurants and shops line both sides of the street, with many hidden gems such as koi ponds and tucked-away gardens along the side paths. Whether you’re in the mood for ice cream, fashion, ballroom lessons, art museums, or fine dining, you’ll find something in this bustling neighborhood. Our first […]

California to Texas

Day one, after an early morning scramble to get the last few items in the car, I headed to the store for snacks. Now stocked up with a very full car and the open road before me, I started east feeling a little sad but excited for the next chapter in my life. Lazarus, my house plant that was still […]

California in Summary

This beautiful state has many things to offer. One could easily spend a lifetime exploring all the beaches, attractions, and hiking trails. I was fortunate to find such good friends equally excited about seeing everything California had to offer. From the restaurants in North Park to Moonlight State Beach, there’s something to do every weekend. The warm weather and hilly […]