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Indoor Fly Trap Review

Summer is here, and the bugs are too. If you’re anything like me and constantly battling flies isn’t how you want to spend your summer, I recommend this indoor fly trap. I wanted something that didn’t have harmful chemicals or a terrible smell. This simple plug-in uses light to draw in the bugs and a

Dog Soccer Ball Review

The husky-proof, Aussie-proof dog soccer ball every pet owner needs. With two high-energy dogs, I needed a durable toy they could both play with, and this one has been an instant favorite. After a month, it’s still intact, pull tabs and all. I am very impressed, to say the least. Few things survive a tug

Dallas Aquarium

The Dallas Aquarium, small but multilevel, is packed with a variety of exhibits, from vibrant coral reef fish to desert reptiles. There are three restaurants inside, ranging from snacks to formal dining. It’s a good break from the summer heat, but I recommend wearing comfortable shoes as it takes a while for the lines. You’ll

Kayaking on the Lake

Saturday started early with a big breakfast and some much-needed coffee. Now ready to take on the day, we headed out and happened to see a farmer’s market. Taking a detour, we strolled around the square, checking out the booths and listening to live music. Afterward, we started towards the lake and checked in for