Law of Attraction Planner Review

Be the energy you want to attract—a simple statement and a way of living. This law of attraction planner is by far the best thing I could have gotten myself. The first several pages are for reflection and detailed goal setting. I tend to have many ideas randomly throughout the day, and the structured approach

Indoor Fly Trap Review

Summer is here, and the bugs are too. If you’re anything like me and constantly battling flies isn’t how you want to spend your summer, I recommend this indoor fly trap. I wanted something that didn’t have harmful chemicals or a terrible smell. This simple plug-in uses light to draw in the bugs and a

Dog Soccer Ball Review

The husky-proof, Aussie-proof dog soccer ball every pet owner needs. With two high-energy dogs, I needed a durable toy they could both play with, and this one has been an instant favorite. After a month, it’s still intact, pull tabs and all. I am very impressed, to say the least. Few things survive a tug

Double Dog Leash Review

It all started with a furry husky puppy named Atticus. He grew fast and loves going on hiking trips, but something was missing. A year later, I happened upon a photo of an adorable blue-eyed Australian shepherd up for adoption. Bringing her home, I quickly discovered walking two dogs was akin to a CrossFit workout.