Kayaking Tour

Today we were going kayaking at last. My boyfriend and I were equally excited about the adventure to be had. Walking into the shop, I looked over the various brand name clothing and accessories. Heading to the front, we checked in and got our gear. Helmet strapped on and lifejacket slightly crooked, we started for

Surfing Debacle

Today my boyfriend could barely contain his excitement. I was finally going to surf. After getting breakfast, we headed to the shop and got suited up for the waves. Wearing a yellow t-shirt over my black wetsuit, I headed to the beach feeling like a giant penguin. We were split into groups and assigned an

The Dumpster Struggle

The sun is setting on another day as I’m carrying the trash out to the commercial dumpster. The first bag gives me no trouble at all. Lift the lid toss it in, and done. The second bag, however, is much heavier and takes both hands. Getting an idea, I set down the bag, and with

The Apartment Saga

It was a hot afternoon when I walked through my soon to be apartment, noting the new floors and cabinets. Everything seems great until I reach the bathroom and find half the bathtub is Easter egg purple. I’m informed the previous tenant soaked her dress in the tub, which somehow stained it purple. It must