Grapefest 2023

Grapefest a Texas wine experience. Located in downtown Grapevine, this festival is a personal favorite. Food trucks and booths line the streets with historical buildings as the backdrop. Shops, wineries, and restaurants scattered throughout give festivalgoers plenty to do. Guests can watch a glass-blowing exhibit near the railroad tracks or visit the blacksmith’s shop to step back in time. Like no other, this wine festival sports dozens of tables filled with samples. Live music carries down the streets, mixing with the crowds. There’s also a carnival section with games, funnel cakes, and rides for the young at heart. I was lucky enough to win a dinosaur I’ve affectionately named Bob with a new friend. Grape stomping and rock climbing are also included in this fun-filled festival. If you missed it this year, mark your calendars for next year!

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