Kayaking on the Lake

Saturday started early with a big breakfast and some much-needed coffee. Now ready to take on the day, we headed out and happened to see a farmer’s market. Taking a detour, we strolled around the square, checking out the booths and listening to live music. Afterward, we started towards the lake and checked in for our rentals. The staff were polite and professional, quickly getting us lifejackets and two kayaks. Soon after, we brought our kayaks to the edge of the drop-off and, after an awkward drop, splashed into the dark green water. Steering off to the right, we began our tour around the lake, first spotting a family of ducks, the adorable ducklings trailing behind. Paddling on, we next found an assortment of creatures and a few people scattered around the water’s edge fishing. Music and laughter echoed across the water as more people arrived in various kayaks and paddleboards. After a lazy afternoon of paddling around, we returned to the parking lot, this time finding the grated ramp making for a much less comical exit to the lake. Sunburned but happy, we returned the equipment and headed home.

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