Priceless Book Review

Author: Shannon Mayer

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

A tracker who uses her supernatural abilities to find missing kids must also avoid the agent deadset on proving her guilt. This fast-paced urban fantasy is a must-read for fans of this genre.


Rylee Adamson is a tracker by trade compelled to find missing children and protector of stray supernaturals like Alex, the exiled werewolf.

A salvage begins like any other, meeting the parents of the missing child to find out the details and decide if she should take the case. Then as she discovers more, this case has impossible similarities to the one child she had never been able to save. The deeper into the search she goes, the more things are not what they seem. Up against supernatural politics and rogue groups, Rylee must look for help from an unexpected source.

FBI agent Liam O’Shea has been following Rylee Adamson for ten years since the murder of her adopted sister. He knew she was guilty and just needed to prove it. When Rylee takes on a new case, O’Shea finds there may be more involved than he realized and perhaps more to the intriguing suspect.

My Thoughts on Priceless

Rylee is a complex character, tough and relentless in her searches; she has a soft spot for strays. This combination has led to an eclectic group of human and supernatural friends. Each character is dynamic and further pulls you into the story. O’Shea is bordering on obsessive at the beginning making him a bit unlikable initially. This changes as he discovers more of Rylee’s world.

The plot is fast-paced, expertly laid out, with many cliffhangers keeping you glued to the pages. At 237 pages, it’s a full story that can be read during lunch breaks providing some much-needed escapism.

Each supernatural is described in detail, offsetting the fast pace. Hints at supernatural politics come into play as the story is revealed, showing a much larger world hidden away from most humans. At times these two worlds clash somewhat awkwardly.

In summary, I give Priceless 4.5 stars only because of the occasional grammar and punctuation issues. This series is a guilty pleasure I’d recommend to fans of urban fantasy or paranormal romance. Rylee Adamson is the perfect heroine, and I can’t wait to see where the story takes her next. I’m eagerly looking forward to reading book three at the time of this review.

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