Double Dog Leash Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It all started with a furry husky puppy named Atticus. He grew fast and loves going on hiking trips, but something was missing. A year later, I happened upon a photo of an adorable blue-eyed Australian shepherd up for adoption. Bringing her home, I quickly discovered walking two dogs was akin to a CrossFit workout. They are always happy to run and never in the same direction giving me quite the workout trying to keep them going in a straight line. Searching for a solution, I found a tandem dog leash and have used it every day since. I love that it has two padded handles and a pickup bag holder. The added bonus is that it withstands 180 lbs of dog-pulling weight. As someone with a husky and a growing shepherd, I needed something that wouldn’t fall apart, and I have greatly appreciated this leash. Also, being able to walk them one-handed, so I don’t get pulled in two different directions. Lastly, a tip for my fellow fur baby parents. Be sure to keep them in front of you so they don’t wrap around your legs. I recommend this to the owners of working breed dogs especially.

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