Possessed Laptop

Since we’re coming up on Halloween, I thought I would share the story of my possessed laptop for a little comedy relief before all the major holiday craziness begins.
I was surprised with a brand-new laptop—the best possible gift for an author. In preparing my old laptop for recycling, I started the factory reset and left it running. Then, in the middle of the night, I hear this insane siren noise mistaking it for the smoke detector. Rushing out of bed, I ran in that direction only to realize my laptop was making the noise with multicolored bars on the screen. I unplug the computer, but it’s still making noise. Next, I turn it off entirely, still making the noise. I’m about to chunk the thing out the window while my dog Atticus is running in circles, whining. Finally, Jay gets it to shut off, and we reluctantly go back to sleep. Hours later, I took the laptop to best buy and told the unsuspecting employee do not, under any circumstances, plug this laptop in. The guy looked at me like a crazy person, and I set it on the counter, saying just trust me, it’s possessed. Hopefully, curiosity didn’t get the better of him.

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