The Wine Room

Another must-see on the tourist bucket list, The Wine Room, is one of my favorites. Stocked floor to ceiling with numerous bottles of wine, The Wine Room provides endless choices. Along with wine tastings, they also have an array of charcuterie boards and other recommended foods to pair with your samples. The atmosphere is fun and social, with intimate seating placed throughout the small but lively restaurant. The lighting is low, giving it a very romantic vibe. To the singles out there, this is a great place to meet other people or take a first date. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, so you don’t have to be a wine aficionado to have a great time.
For first timers, when you walk in, you’ll head to the counter to purchase a reloadable card. I recommend buying the Groupon voucher, especially if you’re going as a group. The restaurant card does not have your name on it, so be sure you don’t lose it! Once you have your card, they give you a glass, and you’re off to the dispensing machines. Each bottle has a name card above it, listing information to help you choose. Please comment below your favorite wine!

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