SeaWorld Orlando

My favorite tourist spot in Florida so far. This theme park is the perfect place for a family outing or, in my case, a much-needed mini-vacation. There are many things to do, such as animal shows and exhibits, gift shops, tours, and a wide variety of food. Indoor exhibits are spaced out along the park giving a reprieve from the heat. We also happened to be there during the food festival, providing samples from all around the world. For anyone with dietary issues, I recommend eating at the Waterway Grill. They have salads and gluten-free meals to choose from. It’s a little expensive, but they don’t skimp on the servings. Be sure to stop by the Waterway Bar for a frozen Pina Colada. It’s a perfect pairing with the smoked pork lunch.

The park offers motorized wheelchairs and strollers for rent, and everything seems very accessible. I did see that they also have dog kennels available.

To best enjoy the day be sure to wear clothes that are comfortable in the summer heat, tennis shoes, and bring water. We also brought small individually wrapped snacks. I believe you can bring in one water bottle per person. It’s also worth noting that there’s a large convenience vending machine near the entrance with any incidentals you might need.

We had a fantastic time and somehow managed to see everything in one very full day. I think the turtles are my favorite. It’s very peaceful to watch them glide through the water. Comment below about your favorite Seaworld exhibit.

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