Christmas in Texas

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. I was fortunate to spend it with many of my friends and family. The holidays have always felt like a rollercoaster ride. You get swept up in all the chaos of trying to get everything ready, and sometimes, I’m not gonna lie, just taking a vacation and calling it a day sounds pretty good. Then everything somehow comes together, usually not quite as planned, and it’s all worth it.

Thanksgiving started things off with travel plans canceled and me, who can’t cook to save my life, trying to figure out what we were going to eat. This was the first time I couldn’t lean on the experience of seasoned cooks to save the day, but after some improvising and a turkey from work, we had gathered the makings of a meal. It was a learning experience for both of us as we discovered you can’t thaw a fifteen-pound turkey in twenty-four hours. Instead, we learned how to use our new air fryer and had some very tasty burgers. The turkey was later cooked and turned out surprisingly well for our first attempt. It was a wonderful sort of haphazard Thanksgiving.

This Christmas was Jay’s first trip to Texas, and it was a memorable one. With everything from erratic weather, learning to drive a tractor, and meeting my friends and family, I think we could have made our own comedy movie.
On the other hand, New Year’s was much calmer spent walking through the park enjoying the Christmas lights and fireworks. Despite the cool weather, I couldn’t pass up on getting some ice cream to finish off the evening. I wish everyone a happy new year!

Holiday recap

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