Pottery Class

I had a blast learning about pottery with Kate. There’s just something wonderful about sculping clay after a long day at work. After learning how to use the wheel, and various tools, I tied on my apron. Sitting down with my ball of clay, I carefully put it in the middle circle of the wheel. Starting at a slow speed, I began forming the ball into a tuna can shape. Feeling the clay give and turn in my hands, it began flattening out. Once it had the desired shape, I lightly pressed down in the middle. Slowly but surely, it molded into a shallow bowl. Now for the hard part, placing a hand on each side of the walls, I began shaping the sides higher. It was just starting to resemble a sort of wide cup when the sides lifted off the base. I couldn’t help laughing at my first attempt that could only be described as abstract art. The second try went much faster and eventually came together as what I will affectionately call a something bowl. Two hours had flown past, and I couldn’t wait to come back and try it again.

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    Je hebt intrigerende artikelen, ik zal meer doorstaan. Ik ontdekte hier leuke berichten. Ik is het vereerd. geweldig!,

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