Disney Springs

We started the day with my favorite breakfast restaurant then drove to Disney Springs. Upon arrival, we entered the massive parking garage with a sophisticated counting system to let drivers know in advance if the lots were full. Once parked, we made our way inside, and I could only stare in surprise at the attractions in every direction. It seemed there was something for everyone to be found here. Jay and I spent the afternoon wandering from shop to shop, taking pictures as we walked. Later in the afternoon, we ducked out of the crowded walkways and into The Edison. Taking a table, I looked around at the industrial decor mixed with glamor that made you feel as though you had stepped into The Great Gatsby.

Fed and cooled off, we braved the summer heat again and made one last stop for ice cream. Sudden thunder above ended the exploration, so we made our way back to the car just in time to avoid the storm. All in all, a fun-filled day for the young and young at heart.

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  1. Debra


    That was interesting enough that you make me want to drive across the country and go check it out!

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