Winter Birthday

So what does one do for their birthday in winter? Well, axe throwing, of course. Meeting up with my friends, we went inside the axe throwing facility filled with enthusiasm. Coach Steven was quick to get everyone signed in and lined up for the safety lesson. After a quick rundown on what to do and what not to do, we were sent to our assigned tables. Given an array of choices, we each took turns finding which ones we liked best. The hour and a half went by quickly as cheers filled the large room. Our group, having proven ourselves, was now given a circular saw blade to throw. Should a zombie apocalypse ever occur, I can safely say that my group of friends will have the skills.

Once the time was up, we left, promising to return soon. A local burger joint was next on the list, and after placing the order, we gathered around a table outside. The air was chilly, but a portable heater soon remedied the cold. Our food was delivered shortly after, and it was so good I forgot to take a picture before clearing my plate. New faces quickly became new friends as laughter filled the air while we spent the evening swapping stories.

Ready for the next place, we walked to a sizeable multistory café; soon after, we settled around a small table with various beverages talking long into the night. Reluctantly everyone returned home after planning our next outing together.

The next day I was treated to my favorite breakfast restaurant. Taking a stroll down the beach, we watched the waves come and go. It was a truly wonderful birthday, and I’m grateful to have shared it with such good friends.

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  1. anndria wright


    I am so happy you were happy! What a fun time and so thankful for new friends!! See yall again soon!!

  2. Debra


    Sounds like you had a great birthday. So glad you were able to spend it with friends.

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