First Chinese New Year’s Celebration

My first Chinese New Year’s celebration was a night to remember. Seated at the table, we passed around plates of traditional meals learning the history of each dish. The food was complemented with red wine from a local winery followed up with an assortment of fruits for dessert. Lastly, I learned of the good luck tradition where one dumpling has […]

Suburban Life

Recently I had the chance to experience suburban life. It didn’t take long for the welcoming neighbors, beautiful two-story homes, and manicured landscaping to win me over. The sounds of a crowded city were replaced with neighbors enjoying the afternoon at the local park. My favorite aspect is the sense of community. The simple act of stopping to say hello […]

Winter Birthday

So what does one do for their birthday in winter? Well, axe throwing, of course. Meeting up with my friends, we went inside the axe throwing facility filled with enthusiasm. Coach Steven was quick to get everyone signed in and lined up for the safety lesson. After a quick rundown on what to do and what not to do, we […]