Egg Muffins

In a rare moment of bravery, I decided to attempt egg muffins. After tasting some incredible egg bites, I had to try it myself. Cooking has never been my forte, especially breakfast recipes. Usually, I am happy to leave that with Major but him being a vegetarian left me on my own for this one.
Starting with the beef, I cooked it and set the skillet aside. Pouring the cheese into the mixing bowl, I began to wonder if this was going to fit in the muffin pan. Still optimistic, I took the carton of egg whites and poured some into the mixing bowl. Realizing I should have followed the online recipe, I stared at the lumpy mix in the bowel, wondering what I would do now. Deciding I couldn’t possibly make it worse, I dumped everything into the skillet and ended up with a delicious egg blob. Not sure if I should be relieved, it tastes good, or slightly horrified at my lack of cooking, but either way, I have breakfast.

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