The Dumpster Struggle

The sun is setting on another day as I’m carrying the trash out to the commercial dumpster. The first bag gives me no trouble at all. Lift the lid toss it in, and done. The second bag, however, is much heavier and takes both hands. Getting an idea, I set down the bag, and with both hands, fling the dumpster lid up. It swung straight up, hovering in long suspense before crashing back down loudly enough to echo down the street. Frustrated now, I square up my feet and throw the lid upward as hard as I can. Again, it swings up and hovers in the air for a long moment giving me the faintest hope it will stay open. Then with an even louder crash, it slams closed. Deciding third times the charm, I lift the lid with one hand and swing the trash bag with my left while somehow hitting the bag with my knee, knocking it over the edge, and into the dumpster. Dropping the lid with a triumphant crash and a relieved sigh I, at last, turned back towards home. 

Some days you slay dragons, some days, you fight with commercial dumpsters…

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