The Apartment Saga

It was a hot afternoon when I walked through my soon to be apartment, noting the new floors and cabinets. Everything seems great until I reach the bathroom and find half the bathtub is Easter egg purple. I’m informed the previous tenant soaked her dress in the tub, which somehow stained it purple. It must have been quite the dress.
Shortly after, I’m moved in, and everything is going well. Then I hear water running and investigate. I find water pouring out of the ceiling vent. Scrambling to grab a tray, I bring it in and run outside to find some help. The water is shut off, and it turns out the tenant above was under the impression that using a shower curtain was optional. Needless to say, the bathroom was now spotless, purple tub included.
The second water leak in the bathroom had the curtesy to start at nine in the evening but was quickly repaired.
A makeover for the exterior of the building was completed. New paint and a good power washing made it look good as new. Unfortunately, the termites disapproved and quickly invaded. Arrangements were made, and after the joy of packing everything one more time, they sprayed the building throughout. A few days later, we moved back in, dragging various boxes and backpacks inside.
Sitting on the couch, I was settled in when my boyfriend says, “What is that?”
Turning my head, I see what can only be described as a centipede that had escaped Jurassic park. With a squeak, I hopped off the couch, frowning at the new roommate.
After such an eventful three months, I’m hoping with unlikely optimism that things will quiet down…

From purple bathtubs to termites, if it could have gone wrong at this apartment complex, it did. 

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